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Hi here i will tell some information about the server. We are currently survival server on 1.8.8 whit plugins. We are currently on low player cap to test if players like to play on our server if we get players and donations we will keep adding new features and events and upgrading the server. The server is open 24/7 everyone is welcome hope you enjoy your stay on North Craft. We are not currently accepting anymore players to be a staff member or a builder.

Survival Economy Map !

✔ Ranks ✔ Open Crates ✔ Economy ✔ Trading ✔ Land Claiming ✔ In Game Item Shop ✔ Friendly Staff ✔ Online 24/7 ✔ Kits

Things that are going to be added in near future:

✔ Warzone Events (Loot Drops, Boss Mobs) ✔ Dungeons

The Server is new so we are looking for new players !

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