Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I get my plugins listed? You need to enable RCON in your server settings. We only show selected plugins to users.

  • How do I contact you with a problem or issue? Please use the feedback or issue button when possible. If you require a more direct method you can email us at

  • Why can’t I change the details of the server I Just added? Anyone can add a server and most of the time it is not the server owner. Only the server owner can update certain attributes of the server like description or votifer keys for example. You need to claim the server as your own. You need to be registered and logged in then simply click on the ‘Claim Server’ button and follow the instructions.

  • Why can’t I see the server I just added in the New section? This site is heavily cached. You will need to wait a while before it appears. Don’t worry it will.

  • When people vote nothing happens on my server? You will need to make sure you have votifier plugin installed. Also you will need to make sure the correct key has been updated for your server. If votifier is not supported by the server the vote is only counted on this site.

  • What is ‘Unpublished’ vs ‘De-listed’? Unpublished happens when a server is no longer operating. Once a grace period has expired it is de-listed, in other words deleted.

  • My server keeps getting marked offline when it not! Our crawler gives each server a just over 2 second to respond. If your server is slow or under heavy load it may not respond in time. If you think this not the case please raise an issue and we can monitor your server results.

  • When do the rankings get updated? The rankings get updated once every 24 hours. Do not forget servers do get updated during the day and the ranking assigned to the server is from the previous update. The rankings are correct from when they were last updated.