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ClownerCraft was a small, non-pvp survival server. Over it’s existence the community has grown, dramatically.

We decided to try and create a server that was unique, and different to the over-common factions servers. And I think we’ve achieved this well by making the server designed for building in survival. Our server has been refined over almost a year and a half and things are still constantly being improved to make your experience even better!

The server features building-based ranks, which reward you for building nice things :) as well as two purchasable sub ranks which give you some extra aesthetic things. With both survival and creative worlds, ClownerCraft is the ideal place to build, and improve your building skills – with a community thats always happy to assist and advise other players.

With staff online every day, theres little delay in rolling back griefing, or reviewing a rankup – and you can easily submit any issue to us through /report – nice and simple!

“Amazingly Cool” -demonwarriorTR “The Moderators are nice” -MiyBear “An amazing place xD” -minecraft_smurfs “Probably the best server I’ve ever played on” -Mia109

We hope you’ll enjoy playing on our server, and will try our best to make sure you feel welcomed!

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